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Exclusive interview with correspondent of Dwarka Helpline
Exclusive interview with correspondent of Dwarka Helpline
Infertility is the natural imbalance which can be treated by Ayurveda very successfully through our Herbal formulations and Therapies. Says  Dr Tanya Malhotra Director Astroayurved in the role of interaction with Dwarka Helpline .Excerpts.
1-When did you start your practice?
Ans. I have started my Clinical Practise in the year 2009… and now made a successfull set up across Delhi – Gurgaon with the presence in Paschim Vihar, Ansals Palam Vihar, DLF-III Gurgaon and Green Park.  Prior to that I was  also associated with Art of Living Foundation and have conducted several health campaigns in India and Abroad. I have also served as a inhouse physician to the Govt of NCT Delhi.
2.What is your area of particular specialization?
Ans.My speciality lies in the art of diagnosing imbalance, ailments and physiology of a person through his/her pulse and I have further developed this technique through Nadi Shastra and particularly this technique has helped me in successfully treating a number of cases of undiagnosed primary and secondary female infertility.
3.Can you treat patients who have unsuccessfully tried IUI and IVF?
Ans.Yes, Of course and in fact the typical profile of the cases that comes to us has already tried number of IUI’s sessions and even IVF’s without any success. Patients here have to understand that the reason for no child birth and infertility is the natural imbalance which can be treated by ayurveda very successfully through our Herbal formulations and Therapies. Also our treatment is without any pain to the body and to their pocket as it is much cheaper than any western treatment.
 4.What is the most complicated  case you have treated so far?
Ans.A practicing Dentist in Delhi was on the obese side and had two miscarages out of which one was conceived through IVF came to me with almost no hopes , accidently came to me for the treatment of undiagnosed muscular pain in the body , she through our medicines and therapies not only conceived twins within a year but also had a event free pregnancy , healthy delivery , very good lactation period and very healthy kids which are right now close to celebrating there first birthday.
5.What type of medicines do you use in general and in special treatment?
Ans.The medicines we are using are fortified natural extracts of rare Himalayan herbs which are combined into custom made formulas to suit individual needs of our each and every special patient. We are not at all using any mineral, chemical or allopathic formula for our treatment.
6.How does Panchkarma helps in healing ..?
Ans.Panchkarma is the treatment for exterminating internal and external toxins out of the body, It is one of the most successful detoxification treatment of the world. After the toxins are released body in its self healing capacity starts to rejuvenate itself . We have our own Panchkarma Centre at Paschim Vihar, West Delhi
7.How your recent association with Astrology and Cosmic sciences helped your Science..?
Ans.The external influences on the body in some cases is very difficult to ignore and  we have seen that scientifically practised astrology brings only awareness to the patient which in turn helps us to amplify the efficacy of our treatment. But this does not apply to the astrologers who limit the thought process in the name of religion and Havoc.
8.How is Nadi pareeksha different from other Ayurveda diagnosis and treatment..?
Ans.Nadi diagnosis is one of the primary, preliminary, accurate, inexpensive and non invasive method of diagnosis in ayurveda. It is done through years of experience, Observation, hard work and dedication. Nadi pareeksha forewarns you of accumulating imbalances in the body whereby treating even future diseases at the earliest stage.
9.What is your message or advice to the mothers and aspiring mothers..?
Ans.I see a positive and gradual change in the view point of aspiring mothers and even their mothers to have a proper pre conception care regime that will not only help them to have a natural fertility but Healthy pregnancy, proper lactation and healthy kids. So my advice is that first mothers have to be healthy to bring about a positive future to generations, hence Nature and Ayurveda is a key for limiting the increasing number of complications seen now a days.
10.What is the main cause of Diseases in today’s fast paced &stressed lifestyle; Do you think on this lifestyle Ayurveda works..?
Ans.Ayurveda is even more needed in today’s time because of the Misinterpretation and loss of traditional knowledge of Health and family. It has now been replaced by well marketed , nicely funded, pill popping  western culture which acts as a substitutes for not only medicine but also for food  and clothing . We have lost our touch  with the basic needs and satisfaction of a human life and hence we  are stressed always.
11.How was your treatment experience with Europeans as you have spent reasonable amount time over there..?
Ans.Now a days Europeans are more aware about Indian traditional knowledge than Indian themselves. They Value human life more than us and they have utmost respect for world’s most experienced science of life i.e Ayurveda. They are very particular about following treatment and instructions and make more disciplined patients.
12.How come at this early age your knowledge is so deep and profound..? At what age you started discovering Ayurveda..?
Ans.By the Grace of Divine I was born in the family of researchers was introduced to  Ayurveda at the naive age of thirteen wherein I discovered the true and holistic knowledge of the science of being . My Formal education in Ayurveda started from my Graduation Course in Delhi University, continued with the Post graduation. Whereas the Informal education is ever Growing  as the patients make the best teachers.
13.Have you also catered the fast growing corporates and Multinationals? How was your experience..?
Ans.I have conducted Nadi Ayurvedic corporate health camps in organisations like The Times of India, Bharti Airtel, Delmonte India, Hughes Systiques etc. My observation says that the senior leadership in the organisations have kept their fitness intact which is the primary reason for their personal and professional success.


Published by Dr Tanya Malhotra

Best-seller Ayurvedic Author, I practice Ayurveda to its authentic core, in my daily life , with the food i cook , with the patients i see and with what i live for, this blog is all about the highlights of living an ayurveda life.

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