Nadi the word comes from “NAAD” that is the primordial sound of creation of Nature and the body.

In the Human Body, Nadi (Pulse) is the vital force of energy of life that radiates throughout the body as a subtle channel. Nadi (Pulse) enables the Vaidya to feel the energy of the body and analyze it through ayurvedicparameters.

Nadi Pareeksha is the art and the science of detecting the existing status of the person’s body, mind and spirit, the predominant doshas that is Vata, Pitta and Kapha and also diagnosing the root of imbalances within our body without use of any instruments.

Ayurveda the science of Life has bestowed the miraculous knowledge of Nadi upon us which is an effective, inexpensive,non-invasive, detailed and accurate method of diagnosis.

To a skilled physician observing the pulse is much more than counting the beats, the functioning and the health of the entire body and mind constitution can be determined from the Nadi, the health of various organs and thereby forewarning the patient about potential health risks.It is comprehensive and reaches the root cause of health issues, not merely addressing the symptoms.

By knowing the early symptoms of imbalance and disease in the body one can take preventive steps to correct the problem before it manifests into a major one.

The correct time to achieve the most accurate diagnosis by Nadi is early morning after the patient has passed stool and urine and has not taken any breakfast,however it may be taken after 3 hours of any meal in other circumstances.

Nadi is like strings of Sitar and everybody has a unique raga

Vata predominant nadi people are energetic often beyond the scope of their physical structure, having a kind of nervous energy from within. They might suffer from overwork and tend to overextend themselves.

Pitta predominant nadi has a strong energy, glowing complexion, possess good thirst and appetite are intelligent, perceptive and discriminating .On the other side they are prone to digestive problems, early graying and balding of hair and skin disorders.

Kapha predominant nadi is stable and consistent but sometimes stagnate. They are traditional, emotional and conservative in their behavior. Kapha produces the strength in the body but these are prone to obesity, arthritis, dyslipidemia.

Nadi predominance may change according to age, diet, extreme physical and mental circumstances therefore Nadi pareeksha should be done every three months to achieve not just fitness but overall health and wellness.



Published by Dr Tanya Malhotra

Best-seller Ayurvedic Author, I practice Ayurveda to its authentic core, in my daily life , with the food i cook , with the patients i see and with what i live for, this blog is all about the highlights of living an ayurveda life.

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