How an investment on an earthen pot could be a life saver this summer !

Water being a liquid takes the shape of the container it is poured. ayurveda has been advising that water also takes ‘guna’ of the ‘patra’ it has been kept in .  in simple words takes qualities of material of container . Similarly, recent studies have shown how plastic containers (which are not of optimum quality) may induce carcinogens in water when subjected to high temperatures. water filters or storage containers are nowadays mostly made of plastic only, so how to do a ‘sanskar’ of water so that all these ill-effects can be worn off

An earthen pot purifies water by not only removing the ill-effects but also changing the potency , the water molecule realigns itself into a more absorb-able  form, therefore reduces the deficiencies of essential minerals and ions in the body. it can be seen practically when the toxin deposit can be seen on the outer layer of the earthen container when water is kept for more than 6 hours. Regular intake of  water stored in mitrikapatram'(pot of earth)  reduces risk of gastro-intestinal disorders, decreases risk of developing urinary stones, boosts up metabolism, quenches thirst, cures dry mouth, freshens up mind.

Luckily we live in a country where we can still find a pot-maker or potter in our neighborhood  , so an investment of under Rs. 100 can be the best summer investment  starting this financial year…. be healthy be happy!

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