The one problem with Urban Vegetarians

Being an Ayurvedic physician , I get a lot of patients from the cities who follow a vegetarian urban diet pattern and are suffering from deficiencies. After seeing their nadi and analyzing their routine , it becomes very easy to conclude that most of them eat wheat (roti/bread) or rice only. this the one problemContinue reading “The one problem with Urban Vegetarians”

Zucchini (Jugnu Petha)- cosmopolitan with ancient origins

Spend 5 minute on your health by spending 5 minutes in your kitchen with zucchini. it is called jugnu petha in hindi . it is member of the squash family. being very easy and versatile to cook, one can prepare variety of saladsĀ  and starters with it . However the recipe I am sharingwith youContinue reading “Zucchini (Jugnu Petha)- cosmopolitan with ancient origins”

Oiling : why abhyagam is so important?

Winters are here . The air is cold,dry and ruthless. Vata is aggravated making skin and even body dry. Flexibility and sweating also decrease with effect to decrease in physical activity. So what is the one thing you can do to give your body some tender love and care ? It is abhyagam , oilingContinue reading “Oiling : why abhyagam is so important?”

The Perfect Winter Dinner-Baked Veggies

the perfect winter dinner should be nutritious, warm, comforting, light on the body and filling at the same time. as ayurveda says our agni or digestive fire is at its highest during this time. what more to ask from a meal if it also has detoxifying properties. one dish that I regularly prepare which hasContinue reading “The Perfect Winter Dinner-Baked Veggies”