The definition of Health

Sharing with you the definition of Health with you. this is described in the sushruta samhita which the most comprehensive explaination of health from the time it is described that is about 2nd century till date . nadi pariksha or pariksha by an ayurvedic physician still remains the most  holistic approach to health . Are you keeping or well or are just disease free ? think about it …
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  1. Hello Ma’am,

    I would like to have consultation

    I can take out time on weekends

    Thank you

      1. I have a clinic in gurgaon as well . Please call on 9540993042/9540993043 for appointments. they will send you the location as well

  2. I can come near your clinic at Piragarhi, if it is open on weekends

    1. My delhi clinic is in Paschim vihar is near peeragarhi . i am there on sat , so if weekend suits you i can see you there . please call on given no. for appointments

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