Our bouqet of offerings to the divine in you

Providing personalized Health care programmes in accordance with the Nadi , prakriti, desh, matra , kaalam etc and other ayurvedic parameters , we aim to simplify your lifestyle by empathetically pointing out the lifestyle changes you require, we forewarn you of potential health risks vis-a-vis preparing your body through diet& lifestyle changes for physiological well-being throughout the different stages of life.

our programmes include

  1. Early childhood development programme – to explore the hidden potential of the child through our comprehensive vedic examination of the child via Nadi
  2. Growth & Development Programme for children & young adults
  3. Teenage stress management programme – Pratham santulam
  4. Santulam for stress management for persons living in a corporate lifestyle
  5. the 3-month detox programme

Published by Dr Tanya Malhotra

Best-seller Ayurvedic Author, I practice Ayurveda to its authentic core, in my daily life , with the food i cook , with the patients i see and with what i live for, this blog is all about the highlights of living an ayurveda life.

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