Raw mango Chutney- tangy way to summer heaven

My absolute favourite summer recipe is Raw mango chutney , prepared with adding carrum seeds (ajwain ), fenugreek seeds (methidana), jeera (cumin), red chilli (optional), to a little bit of oil , when you hear seeds softening with the heat, add freshly diced/cubed raw mango , brown it up a bit to get carmelization on them , add water bit by bit to avoid the mango to stick to the bottom of the pan. the amount of water you would be needing depends on the variety of raw mango, just a rough idea would be to keep adding till it is thin and reduce it to thicker till the time the seeds cook. Sugar and honey have to be added according to taste , I prefer to add brown sugar while cooking or you may add honey once it is cooked and rested to get temperature down

Once cooked, let it rest in the wok till its cooled down, then transfer it to a glass jar , it can be stored for upto a week to be a served as a chutney or even an accompaniment to pooris or to make a simple roti roll for a snack. this comes from a traditional family heriloom of recipes is for all my blog readers to treasure.
Having raw mango has enormous benefits to the body , it pacifies all three doshas, specifically the excessive summer heat contained in the body , it is great protector against heat exhaustion and heat stroke . it is one of the recipes that are extremely good on the tongue and a superfood for the tummy. this is vedic cooking at its best !!

Published by Dr Tanya Malhotra

Best-seller Ayurvedic Author, I practice Ayurveda to its authentic core, in my daily life , with the food i cook , with the patients i see and with what i live for, this blog is all about the highlights of living an ayurveda life.

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