Time for self care

For everyone who is practicing #socialdistancing here are some inputs
1. For the 20 secs you wash your hands ,be grateful to the divine for the great life you have
2.for everytime you say #namaste you are increasing chi in yourself and the person you are greeting
3. For everytime you take a deep breath and exhale deeply , you are doing respiratory detox
4. Reorganize declutter prioritize
5. Sleep is.one of the three pillars of your life. It is very important for immunity
6. Refrain from alcohol , give your liver a rest
7. Take a bit of sun bath early in the morning (5-7mmin)
8. Bathe with neemwater /turmeric water/ alumwater
9. Stay fearless 🙂

#muchlove #vasudhaivakutumbkam #ayurvedalife  #ayurvedapractitioner #drtanya #indiandoctor #vedalife #thisisyoga #yogalife #fightingcorona  #covid2020

Published by Dr Tanya Malhotra

Best-seller Ayurvedic Author, I practice Ayurveda to its authentic core, in my daily life , with the food i cook , with the patients i see and with what i live for, this blog is all about the highlights of living an ayurveda life.

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