A humble Namaste! to you, I am Dr. Tanya , a physician practicing Ayurveda in India & abroad.

An Unconventional face of the traditional system of Medicine from India i.e. ayurveda , I am here to provide the best & user-friendly consultation and health tips for you which can be used in your busy and everyday life.


Food coach

From Ayurveda cooking tips, to how to enhance the prana of the food, contact for simple ways to improve your food habits

Dosha Consultant

If you want to know more about your prakriti and dosha, and simple ways to maintain your health, do drop in a message for booking a consultation session

Sleep Hygienist

Do you have a sleep disorder ? are you getting enough sleep ? Do you want to techniques that can help you sleep better? Please contact if you seek answers to the above mentioned problems

Ayurveda Doctor near me

I am here to serve you as an Ayurvedic doctor, thanks to technology, I am always a video chat away


Author at Urban Ayurveda

2017 -present

A collection of summaries of my consultation with patients over the years , Find my book on kindle and on amazon (globally)

Wellness expert

2010 -present

Fitness works only when it is tandem with wellness, Having a fit body with an unsettled mind may result in lifestyle disorders which in turn reduce your fitness

Ayurvedic Physician Online

2009 onwards

Practicing since 10 years, I have vast experience in dealing with real time problems patient face, I am available across all social media platforms and online discussion forums

Clinical Nutritionist

2015 – Present

Combining the best of Ancient Ayurveda & Modern Clinical Nutrition, I am here to provide you with unique & customized diet plans, Wouldn’t it be nice instead of following one-size fits all diet fads available online?

The active participation of a patient makes a doctor successful…

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