The unconventional face of tradition system of Indian medicine, Dr. Tanya did her Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from Delhi University and thereafter did her post graduate study in Clinical Nutrition from Medvarsity.

Dr. Tanya is amongst the rare few passionate personalities who first did her own research in Ayurveda and Vedanta Darshan (Vedic Philosophy) and finally started giving back to the community from the age of twenty one. Born in the family of researchers her quest lies in finding the ultimate and detailed ‘connect of human body with the environment’ by correlating the principles governing the human body with the laws of nature. 

In more than nine years of clinical practice, she has served as a House physician for Government of NCT of delhi and also served as the youngest Nadi-physician for the Art of living Foundation.
She has represented Ayurveda in India and abroad and was selected to represent Ayurveda in  Leadership & Management Program   By “Indian School of Buisness and Goldman Sachs 10000 Women entrepreneur programme

A first time Author,Dr Tanya has aptly customised the Knowledge of Life with Urban Ayurveda which can be easily consumed in our modern lifestyle to facilitate the improvement of quality of health and life.

Currently running two clinics Delhi-Ncr, she strives to make ayurveda the preferred science of living for the youth of our nation

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