Zucchini (Jugnu Petha)- cosmopolitan with ancient origins

Spend 5 minute on your health by spending 5 minutes in your kitchen with zucchini. it is called jugnu petha in hindi . it is member of the squash family. being very easy and versatile to cook, one can prepare variety of salads  and starters with it . However the recipe I am sharingwith youContinue reading “Zucchini (Jugnu Petha)- cosmopolitan with ancient origins”

Oiling : why abhyagam is so important?

Winters are here . The air is cold,dry and ruthless. Vata is aggravated making skin and even body dry. Flexibility and sweating also decrease with effect to decrease in physical activity. So what is the one thing you can do to give your body some tender love and care ? It is abhyagam , oilingContinue reading “Oiling : why abhyagam is so important?”

The Perfect Winter Dinner-Baked Veggies

the perfect winter dinner should be nutritious, warm, comforting, light on the body and filling at the same time. as ayurveda says our agni or digestive fire is at its highest during this time. what more to ask from a meal if it also has detoxifying properties. one dish that I regularly prepare which hasContinue reading “The Perfect Winter Dinner-Baked Veggies”

Salt: how much is too much??

Salt has been a part of diet since times immemorial .so let’s ponder over the ancient and current status. Ayurveda describes 5 kinds of salt . Out of which saindhav lavan is considered the best. now it cannot be exactly correlated with saindhA namak in the market . That is a lake salt . HimalayanContinue reading “Salt: how much is too much??”

In love with kundru . An Understated vegetarian Delight!

kundro or Cochinnia Indica or kodai is a sesonal vegetable belonging to the cucumber family. it is rich in fibre and loads of vitamins, when cooked in a #lohekikadai or an iron pan it becomes fortified with iron .. a must for babies older than 6m of age, it makes a great finger snack orContinue reading “In love with kundru . An Understated vegetarian Delight!”

Preventive measures for Dengue

The dreaded season of dengue is here, government has asked to spend awareness for the same. Being caused by a virus, dengue does not have any specific medication. maintaining proper hydration and taking the necessary preventive steps is the real key for combating this. many fevers of unknown origins are also included in the dengueContinue reading “Preventive measures for Dengue”

Ayurveda to the rescue always

With the increasing number of super-bacteria, the external pathogens are getting better and better, one way to generate more anti-bio tics to combat this phenomenon which our western counterparts have been successfully doing over the past 100 years. the other more reliable and experienced method is to increase the immunity or the defense intelligence ofContinue reading “Ayurveda to the rescue always”

Asatmya-Indriyyaathartha- sanyoga– 33% of diseases arises in the body due to unnatural use of sense organs _ Ayurveda says

WHO has declared International ear day to raise awareness about the damage that we do to our ears and ways to prevent it. WHO recommends that the highest permissible level of noise exposure in the workplace is 85 decibels up to a max of 8 hours/day #ListenSafely I would  like to mention here that ayurvedaContinue reading “Asatmya-Indriyyaathartha- sanyoga– 33% of diseases arises in the body due to unnatural use of sense organs _ Ayurveda says”